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                            Welcome to Musicbuds!


If you are an education-professional, or an individual, interested in providing a high-quality and meaningful musical experience to the young children in your care (from 0 - 7 years), then this online resource is the site for you!

Our site is currently undergoing some redevelopment so not all the pages are accessible at the moment. They will be available shortly. Apologies! 

We have an exciting range of resources - songs and musical games - that can be combined together to provide comprehensive and effective lessons that cover a range of EYFS objectives, or the items can be used individually to suit your needs (or rather, the needs of your learners!). Our material is highly versatile and can be used in a number of ways - click on the links below to find out how it can support your teaching.


EYFS Teachers: Our lesson plans take the stress out of organising outstanding music sessions for your children by integrating the objectives into the material - our songs ARE the learning. No need to refer to any extra ’teaching-notes’!  Our suggestions just help you hone in on delivering the objectives to ensure they are covered, then tick them off - job done!

Class-Music Specialists: Our material integrates classroom learning with a exceptional standard of well-crafted musical resources. 

Teaching and Support Assistants: Explore our songs to find some favourites that you can have 'up your sleeve', secure in the knowledge that you will be delivering learning objectives with every musical activity you share with the children.

Instrumental Teachers: Use our resources to support the development of rhythm, pulse, aural and sight-reading skills using an enjoyable and thorough approach.

ESOL Teachers and International Schools: Our songs contain easy-to-follow actions and movements so that even children with no English-language-understanding can join in fully with the sessions.

SEND Professionals: Many of our songs and games have originated from our work with children with  Special Needs. Our material offers structure, clarity and enjoyment for all students.

Parents and Carers: The carers who attended our sessions enjoyed learning our songs and sharing them with their children, as much as the children did!. Our material really does encourage social interaction and fun for all!